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When I'm relaxing on holiday, it takes a lot to outrage me.
But a few days ago in [/news/spain/index.html Spain], I was confronted by a German woman who asked how I could live with myself, coming as I did from a country where a third of children were starving and impoverished.
It wasn't just me who was appalled at this damning accusation about Britain, but my Left-leaning companion, too.

He told her it simply wasn't true and she retorted that she'd found the information ‘on social media' — as if that proved it was.
My hectoring Frau will have felt vindicated this week when actress Emma Thompson — a Dame of the British Empire, no less — claimed up to 30 per cent of British children are suffering ‘Dickensian' poverty and millions are going hungry.
The actress (pictured, speaking at the event) joined youngsters in Westminster as they call for an independent children's food watchdog to provide schoolchildren with free meals
British actress Emma Thompson gestures as police surround the pink boat being used as a stage by climate change activists as they occupied Oxford Circus last week 
Not just hungry, but thirsty, too.

She said schools aren't giving them drinking water — and are even damaging water fountains on purpose — so the kids have to buy bottles of the stuff.
What unadulterated, hand-wringing luvvie tosh. Starving children? Not exactly the picture we get from our national obesity crisis.
And who really believes water shortage is a genuine problem in our schools? I've not heard one mother complain of it. Ever.
RELATED ARTICLES [# Previous] [# 1] [# 2] [# Next] [/news/article-6958165/Self-styled-human-megaphone-Emma-Thompson-joins-youngsters-Westminster.html Emma Thompson claims schools' water fountains are being...] [/news/article-6957427/I-admire-Greta-Thunbergs-idealism-politicians-lose-reason-climate-change.html STEPHEN GLOVER: I admire young Greta's idealism - but why DO...] [/news/article-6941225/Emma-Thompson-insists-not-hypocrite-flying-5-400-miles.html Emma Thompson accuses POLICE of wasting taxpayers' money by...] Share this article Share Even if it was, what's to stop children filling their own bottles at home, like most of us do, and taking them to school?

Or is asking the poor waifs to take on a little responsibility for themselves too stressful?
Of course, in so many ways, Emma Thompson is a superstar. A peerless actor whose talent has ensured she's an ambassador for her profession around the world.
Dozens of officers strode into the crowd of activists and started to surround the pink boat which Dame Emma was in last week
She's also a passionate campaigner — pro-Palestinian, an ambassador for the ActionAid charity, a patron of the Refugee Council.

But that should not mean her views can go unchallenged.
Or her actions — not least her hypocrisy in jetting thousands of miles from Hollywood, spewing out tonnes of carbon in the process, to join the protests against climate change.
What's more, she delivers her nonsense with such sanctimony.
Her ill-informed student politics not only damages Britain — catching the imagination of people like my Frau — it's also beneath her dignity.
And, in my book, that makes her the most irritating woman in Britain.
  Modestly endowed Sir Mick Jagger is reported to have stuffed a sock down his jeans to make him look more, er, manly. 
Now Cristiano Ronaldo appears in his new range of CR7 undies looking as though he's put seven pairs of football socks down his trunks. 
Does CR stand for Cringe Ronaldo? 
Mick Jagger performs with the Rolling Stones during a concert at Berlin's Olympic Stadium last year
  We want to be stirred, not shaken  
Barbara Broccoli, the woman responsible for keeping alive the flame of James Bond, says her next movie 007 will ‘rise to the occasion' in the #MeToo era.
Oh dear.

Is Bond being emasculated for our sensitive times? Please say no. As far as I can recall, Bond never did a Weinstein, nor forced himself upon any of his all-too-willing Bond girls. Although we can't call them that now, they're ‘Bond women' who will no doubt walk all over him.
You mess with 007's macho DNA at your peril, Ms Broccoli.
As millions of us girls will privately admit, rough diamonds are forever.
Daniel Craig and https://xn--d1acpndhfd.xn--p1ai/node/9827 Ana de Armas pose together at a press conference to announce the latest James Bond film
  Star of The Godfather II and Raging Bull, Robert De Niro, 75, is making a TV ad for Warburton's bagels. 
He hasn't had a decent movie role in years, and pictures of him out with the youngest of his six children, daughter Helen, seven, perhaps explain why. 
These silly men think having a child in their late 60s gifts them happiness — but it's just left De Niro in a heartache custody battle with estranged wife Grace Hightower over a youngster who'll celebrate her 21st when he's nudging 90.
Star of The Godfather II and Raging Bull, Robert De Niro (pictured with Guillermo del Toro), 75, is making a TV ad for Warburton's bagels
  Formidable former Speaker Betty Boothroyd slaps down the current incumbent, telling John Bercow he has no right to block President Trump from addressing the Commons ahead of the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

She explains to tinpot Bercow that Trump should be welcomed as the representative of the American people who sent their sons to fight (and die) alongside us.Tory MPs are hoping that after a humiliating defeat at the local and EU elections, then a fourth failed attempt to get her deal though, the PM will have to leave the stage.
Given she's still wearing her lucky Frida Kahlo bracelet, don't bet on it. As Lady T might have said: ‘The Lady's not for Leaving.'How delicious that Boris Johnson's little sister Rachel has become the poster girl for the Change UK party, a ragbag of diehard Europhiles.

That woman has far more sex appeal than her shoddy-looking brother — and unlike him, she's still got her magnificent mane of shaggy blonde hair.  Lyra's moving legacy of love   
Hours before journalist Lyra McKee was murdered, she told friends excitedly that she was planning to propose to her long-term partner, Sara Canning.
After the funeral, her sister Nichola said she hoped her death could bring about changes to Northern Ireland's laws, where gay marriage is still illegal.
Lyra's killing already appears to have shamed politicians into resuming power-sharing talks in the province.

But what a wonderful testimony to her it would be if it also helped bring about same-sex couples being allowed to wed in Northern Ireland and live together in peace.
Lyra McKee (left) and her partner Sara Canning in a photograph which Ms Canning uploaded to her Facebook account on Saturday
  So what did make Kate smile?   
Given the reported froideur between the royal sisters-in-law, was Kate's beatific smile at church on the Queen's birthday because she'd just read about Harry and Meghan's plan to move to Africa?And if Megs and Harry do head to Africa with their team of Met Police SO14 royalty protection officers — cost to us around £1 million a year and, as one security expert calculated, with a ‘carbon footprint the size of Coventry' — perhaps they'll stop lecturing the rest of us about saving the world.   Full marks to M&S for trying to entice younger shoppers.

It's just that their collaboration with Britain's Got Talent, in order to do so, is a nightmare for us older ones. 
We love Marks and enjoy shopping in an atmosphere of calm, only now to find ourselves startled by BGT's Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon's voices screeching at us from the self-serve checkouts.
I guess some good may come of it. 
When I heard disgraced drink-driver Ant McPartlin, I removed a couple of bottles of wine from my shopping basket. 
  Great to see Madonna, 60, reprising her 1984 Like A Virgin role, by writhing around on a bed in a video for her new single Medellin. 
She's accompanied by 25-year-old rapper Maluma, and they whip each other before she licks his big toe as they perform a bit of horizontal dancing in bed. 
Everyone to their own, etc .

. . but toe-curling for Madge's daughter Lourdes, 22, who, unlike Mum, is just the age for a rumba with Maluma. 
Madonna is accompanied by 25-year-old rapper Maluma, and they whip each other before she licks his big toe as they perform a bit of horizontal dancing in bed
  Mo running on empty 
It's disappointing that golden boy Mo Farah has become involved in an unseemly row over punch-ups at the gym of an elite training hotel and claims that watches and £2,500 in cash were stolen from his room.
There are claims, too, that ‘diva' Mo and his ten-strong entourage were abusive towards hotel staff.

All this sits uneasily with his humble backstory, born in Somalia and arriving in the UK as a child to become one of our greatest Olympians.
Has he forgotten the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius, Latin for ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger' — which refers not just to an athlete's abilities, but their moral character?
  Three infants delivered a petition to No 10 calling for an end to school tests for children in reception class. 
The tots marched from Parliament Square to Downing Street before Safa and Isla, both four, and Alex, five, knocked on Mrs May's door. 
I squirmed to see youngsters used in such a nakedly cynical political way.